McDonald’s Marketing Exhibition

Tying into the McDonalds role at the SAFTAs 2019 awards we were tasked to conceptualize, strategize and manage the McDonalds Marketing Exhibition to showcase the various attributes of the McDonalds brand to owner operators of McDonalds South Africa. This campaign included various design elements, collateral and logistical needs to ensure a successful event.

McDonald’s Breakfast Promotion Activation

We assisted McDonald’s South Africa with the launch of the breakfast campaign which was rolled out to various stores throughout Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London. We drove the activation by having a breakfast competition where customers could win breakfast meals and educating customers on the breakfast menu.

We take exceptional pride and value, in assisting and supporting start-up businesses on their journeys to success, growth and development.

McDonald’s Rewards Activations

McDonalds launched their rewards programme throughout all stores in South Africa. With this campaign customers and crew were rewarded for upsizing meals, these rewards varied from movie tickets to discounts on flights or shopping.

We assisted by making consumers aware of the rewards programme and having a photo booth that takes and prints pictures of customers once they have upsized their meals.

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